My Philosophy

My goal is to help people feel better and function better.

Although I work with people for personal growth, most people come for help because they don’t feel well emotionally or they have problems in dealing with others. Work stress, family dynamics or even the inability to find a meaningful relationship are common in today’s world.

The privacy of my office offers clients the opportunity to get out in the open what is on their minds, to develop an understanding of what is keeping them stuck and to improve the quality of their lives. Together we explore new options.

It is my belief that individuals go through life making the best decisions they can given the information and feelings they have at the moment. No one gets up in the morning and thinks, “today I will shoot myself in the foot,” and yet for everyone, in hindsight some decisions could have been better.

The future does not have to repeat patterns of the past and different ways of dealing with issues can be developed. In some situations this involves exploring history, and in other situations it involves looking closely at relationships of today. I do not work with a set formula because everyone is unique.

I use an eclectic approach with elements from cognitive, behavioral, relational, psychoanalytic and supportive, adapting the treatment to the patient needs. I know for sure that people can change the way they think about themselves, behave more adaptively and have a more positive impact on the world around them. I see it happen every day.